Meet The Bots


Some ‘bots pride themselves on powerful attacks, lashing out at their opponents with claws, jaws, prongs and hammers, but for the Beast, its strength is in its defence. Once the Beast begins its march, it is immovable, bulldozing down any ‘bots that stand in its path with a wide, impenetrable yellow buffer. Stronger ‘bots might slow its approach, but few act fast enough to avoid being pushed into the pit. This is one Beast that cannot be tamed!


Whipping the arena into a frenzy, Tornado is a show-stealer, its spinning attack rotor winning over every audience. Tornado races towards its opponent and spins its rotor faster and faster, pounding its foe again and again until it’s either lying in pieces, or at the bottom of the pit.


Don’t let this aquatic android’s friendly features and big, bug-eyes fool you; the Lobsterbot is as dangerous a Warriorbot as they come! With sharp, strong pincers to grip its opponent, the Lobsterbot waits for its opponent to draw too close, and then slams into it from above with the huge chunk of debris clutched in its tail! Its sheer smashing power makes the Lobsterbot a fearsome foe!


Unearthed from forgotten sands, Scarab’s nearly-indestructible shell can withstand almost any barrage. Fists? Hammer? Pincers? The Scarab’s tough hide keeps them all from hacking at its inner workings. And should another ‘bot get too close, Scarab’s own prongs can lift its foe off the arena floor, leaving them helpless as Scarab pushes them into the pit!


With only two wheels and a simple, tubular body, this black-and-yellow ‘bot hides a powerful sting. It rolls calmly on two wheels towards its prey, striking at the very last moment, swinging its entire body weight around and slamming its thick pickaxe into its opponent! And then, just as calmly as it arrived, the Hornet rolls away, leaving the debris of broken ‘bots in its wake…


Clad in red and lime livery, the Mantis has all the deadly grace of its namesake. A sturdy frame hides a powerful ability; if an enemy ‘bot tries to ram Mantis head-on, its powerful pincer is activated, and streaks down from above!


A rush of feathers. An unearthly call. A shadow falls over the arena. The Raven, a titan of jet black metal, has swooped into the fray! With its powerful beak, the avian android is ready to rend and tear the shells of other ‘bots, until only this aerial predator remains! The pit is a merciful defeat compared to the terror of the Raven!


Rolling through the Desert, laying waste to everything it touches. Dunesweeper, spinning with fury and filling it’s adversaries full of dread, this spinner is a fearsome foe. With a drum that spins at around 400RPM this is not a Bot to be fought lightly!