Build Your Own Bot

Making Your First Warriorbot

To get you started in the world of Warriorbots, we’ve created a robot that can be created from two readily available Technic sets. You can use it to get used to using power functions, to create a fully operational Warriorbot, or as a base for creating your own creation.
Remember, if you want to add your own elements, it must still follow the Warriorbots Official Rules.


Whirling across the arena like a buzzsaw with a grudge, Whiplash is more than a match for even the hardest ‘bots.  With four devastating flails sprouting in all directions, no oncoming attacker is safe from Whiplash’s fury!

You can build your own Whiplash from 42065 Tracked Racer and 42063 BMW R1200 GS Racer, to get you started in the world of Warriorbots!

How to Build Whiplash

What You’ll Need

42063: BMW R 1200 GS Adventure
42065: RC Tracked Racer


Once you have 42063 & 42065 (or have all the parts required), you’re ready to follow instructions to build your first ever Warriorbot, Whiplash!

Download the instructions below to get started.

How to Build Whiplash (PDF)

If you add any of your own designs or elements, don’t forget to share your ideas on social media using #Warriorbots!