Battles Begin in Birmingham

10 Jan Battles Begin in Birmingham

Birmingham NEC played host to the first ever Warriorbots live event, with over 200 battles nearly 900 contestants taking part in an action-packed four day event.

We certainly weren’t short of volunteers in the inaugural Warriorbots bouts, with contestants travelling from all across the country (and even internationally!) to take part. The event was fully open to the public, so all contests were chosen at random with some themed battles like ‘Adults Only’, ‘The Family Battle’ and ‘The Generational Battle’.

Mantis, Scarab, Hornet and Tornado competed in every contest, so they certainly took a lot of damage over the weekend. House Warriorbots were occasionally entered into the fray to stir up some action, and we had appearances from Beast, Raven and Lobsterbot, who didn’t seem to make it through any battles without losing at least an eye. Thunder and Lightning also appeared briefly, but were no match for the brute force of the contestants’ bots this time and quickly found themselves in the pit; perhaps a lesson for anyone designing a clusterbot.

It’s fair to say that Hornet had a mixed weekend, with several onlookers noting the handling being quite difficult. Nevertheless, some contestants were able to get to grips with the power functions and inflict some damage; several times the stinging pickaxe was able to get behind Tornado’s armour and actually attack the power function itself, something of a novel strategy.

Amongst the winners, Scarab had the better days over Thursday and Friday, dispatching of several bots into the pit with its noteworthy traction, but it did have to rely on others opening the pit due to the low pitched fork rarely being able to press the dreaded pit button.

By the weekend, Mantis was on top. With the majority of pit-opens and a counter-attacking weapon, it won a considerable amount of the crowd votes and battled to victory outright many times too. There was some vulnerability to Hornet when attacked from behind, but savvy contestants were able to avoid that with relative easy.

And what of Tornado? A mixed set of results, it’s fair to say. The spinning weapon had its moments over the weekend, but far too often it found itself penned into corners and unable to gather the momentum required for the attacking threat to come to fruition. Perhaps, Tornado will find more lucky in bouts against the likes of Thunder & Lightning and Lobsterbot, who seems very susceptible to damage from the the rotating technic weaponry.

Thanks to everyone who took part and cheered on the bouts. The next opportunity to get involved will be at Milestones Museum in Basingstoke before the bots make the journey back to the midlands for an event in Touchwood, Solihull. There’s sure to be some good contests over those half-term events.


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